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Apply for our Business Administration Level 3 vacancy in collaboration with Bury College

We're supporting 'Merchants' Gives 23' Year 6 Construction challenge.  Click on the link to see their progress


Cunard strive for quality, value, innovative construction together with added social value in the communities in which we operate. Supporting local initiatives, we are committed to transforming the communities in which we work, actively engaging and supporting the strategic aims of our clients.  From supporting local employment initiatives to developing specific regeneration and local economic benefit plans, we ensure that local communities benefit from our projects. We place a strong emphasis on social value, delivering numerous benefits for local communities. We advocate the Social Value Act and embrace the Government’s 2025 vision for improving the five key areas of the construction industry. Our social engagement programmes are developed in partnership with our clients and their stakeholders to ensure effective and positive results. We strive to provide opportunities for communities, individuals and our suppliers, through: 

•  processing our supply chain payments within 7 days in receipt of invoice

•  delivering work placement opportunities together with FE providers 

•  maximising local spend

•  ensuring quality supply chain management 

•  providing apprenticeship opportunities

•  attending career events at local schools 

•  reducing emissions and aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030

* For more on the Government's 2025 vision click here 

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